a wider field training and more - a journey to heart! Ekkehard Dehmel - constellations in Berlin, Germany  Judith Hemming - constellation expert in the UK, my teacher Marilene Metzler - homeopathy and family constellations                                             Nicole Kubillus - the best girlfriend ever!                                     Denise Portes - my friend and a wonderful coach           Julia Hollenbery - my friend and fellow traveller in the spiritual world                   Christina Stahlberger - my Alexander Technique teacher Béatrice Kleubler - kap, kundalini activation process                                  Khush Mark - my fellow traveller in the medical world                Béatrice Herrmann - my friend and fellow traveller in the physical world Michael Gschwind - my colleague and friend since our days at university My favourite midwives - empowering women giving birth           Heather Truesdall - my friend and fellow traveller in all worlds Antoinette Wenk - my friend, co-founder & director

groups, schools & charities                                                  Unique - Rare Chromosome Support Group                             Sibs - for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults         The Diamond Approach - helping me to grow, mature and nurture my soul             Förderstätte am Schlosspark - young people full of life              Stiftung Basler Wirrgarten - people with dementia and their relatives

inspirational                        Communication App - a voice for those who cannot speak We make the ordinary possible for extraordinary people Angaangaqs - melting in the ice in the heart of man                                                                    Biologist - beyond your genes Christina von Dreien - we are peace